Jesus Addict Ranks 15th Best Christian Blog 2021

Jesus Addict recently ranks among the best christian blogs and influencers for the year 2021. Our blog moved from the 29th to 15th position on Feedspot for the best 30 Jesus blogs and influencers 2021. This is a beautiful way to start the year and I must say it really means a lot to us. We thank  our faithful Father whom it pleased to give a boost to this ministry.

A little story is behind this improvement. On June 10, 2020, God whom it pleased to recruit us opened up a way for this dream to  become a reality. So, Jesus Addict blog was born. We started out on blogger with the help of a God sent helper Mr. Emeka Collins Obilor who is also our website developer.

Furthermore,  In October 2020, Jesus Addict gets listed on Feedspot, blog by the founder, Anuj Agarwal, as one of the best 30 Jesus blogs and Christian websites 2020. This addition gave a huge boost to the blog traffic. More so, after blogging for six months on the blogger platform, we moved to this current website, on 14th December 2020.

However, it hasn’t been easy running the blog but we return all glory to God. It pleased him to allow broken vessels like us weak, inconsistent and feeble to to be useful in His service. Most of the time we fall behind schedule. Consequently, daily posts are delayed and sometimes not published at all. This is due to many other needs requesting urgent attention.

Nevertheless, we keep trusting God to supply the grace and resources needed to keep the blog alive and running. We most sincerely appreciate all our readers and contributors. Without you visiting this website to read and share your views we have no job being here. Therefore, we thank you so much for being a part of this ministry. May God be at the centre of all your struggles this always and make you victorious in every way through Christ Jesus, Amen!

More importantly, I wish to appreciate our very good friend and motivator; Mr Seun Durowoju, may God continue to bless and use you for always giving us the push. Mr. Anuj Agarwal, may God bless you For taking time to look into Jesus Addict blog. Remain lifted Emeka Collins Obilor; our web designer and astute supervisor.

Thank you once again everyone. Do make out time to visit: Top 30 Jesus blogs and websites to see some other Christian blogs that God can use to bless your life. Always remain lifted in His amazing love