The Mockery and Suffering of Jesus

The Mockery and Suffering of Jesus

Thursday, April 1, 2021
Text: Matthew 27:27-50
Theme: The mockery and Suffering of Jesus

The mockery and Suffering of Jesus is the culmination of all bible narratives. Easter is that time of the year which  consciously reminds us as a body, the suffering of our Lord Jesus in Oder to purchase our freedom. Does it not make you teary as you read, beloved? The king of glory and the lord himself was derided and mocked by the men he came to save. What an irony?

Isaiah 53 captured it very well. Verses 5 puts it this way:

yet it was our weaknesses that he bore, it was our sorrow that weighed him down…he was beaten so we could be whole and whipped so we can be healed

The mockey and Suffering of Jesus

There is need that we meditate on this portion of the bible deliberately, not just today but always. We must seek for more understanding of this passion of Christ. This very scene here is the culmination of all bible narrative. Starting from Genesis 3:16. ‘The seed will crush the head of the serpent but the serpent will bruise his heel’. Jesus would achieve his mandate victoriously but at a tremendous cost. This is the cost. This is the price. He paid it to the full.

Beloved, is there any other example you need to understand what kind of call you have received? A servant is not greater than his master. It is in suffering that we learn obedience just like Jesus. There is no victory without the cross. To regain Paradise, Jesus has to die. To gain JESUS you also must die. Death to self must precede carrying our own crosses.

If you are not dead yet to the life of flesh you can never flourish in the spirit…for to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and Peace. May we use this period of retreat to assess out walk with him again and realign out will to him who swallowed all insults and mockery just to save us. Ponder and pray.

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