Resurrection of Christ

Easter Sunday April 4 2021
Text:Matthew 28 verses 1 to 10
Theme: Resurrection of Christ

So, what does the resurrection of Christ mean? The Resurrection means Jesus is truly the son of God and lord of all. It means evil, sin and death are overcome. It is the assurance that we shall also rise because the power of sin which brings death has been overcome. Therefore, when we bury loved ones, the grave is not the end. The Resurrection of Christ justifies our hope in Christ and in God for we no longer live but Christ lives in us by his power.

More importantly y our very hope lies in the power that raised Jesus from death. This is the same power that makes a sinner a righteous man. It is this power that makes us children of God. This same power will raise us on the last day. Therefore, rejoice for your faith and labour are undoubtedly not in vain.

Interestingly, verses 3-5 describe the work of the angels. The angels are the ones who announced the Resurrection of Jesus just the same way they announced his birth. Henceforth, we’ll notice that the ministry of the Angels began to fade. This doesn’t mean that the angels are no longer there but it tells us that now God lives in us. He no longer needs  go between. He communicates freely with us through his spirit that dwells in US. During the Old testament he will always send the angels, the ministering spirits to deliver a message but now we have Jesus in us by his holy spirit and that is a greater privilege.

In conclusion, Jesus was made man for us he suffered and died as according to the scriptures. In Genesis 3 verse 16 God decreed

‘the seed will crush the head of The serpent and The serpent will bruise his heel’.

This is the plan of salvation. Today we are celebrating its fulfillment. Jesus’ death sets us free from the bondage of sin and death. Death has no more victory. It’s sting is destroyed and the power of sin; the law, abolished Jesus’ new law of love is our calling now.

Go forth today, therefore, and live the law of love. Christ has shown us love by dying for us. He made himself nothing that we may become something. Let us also humble ourselves in like manner to one another.

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