Regret is not Repentance

Text: Mathew 27: 1-10

Regret is not repentance. This is a theme that runs concurrently in the passion of our lord Jesus. We see regret in the apostles with Jesus in the garden. It was also evident in Pilate but more obvious in Judas. Peter is the only one who showed both regret and repentance.

Regret is a remorseful feeling about something wrong that we have done. It connotes a wish that we never did such. Repentance on the other hand is a 360 degree turn from our wrong actions that we regret. It means total determination to not do such ever again. Regret is human but repentance is divine. Man by his own power has no natural ability to keep away from whatever sin he regrets. Try hard as we may, our best resolves and resolutions can always disappoint us.

May we not be like Judas. He prizes Jesus so low. Sold him for just thirty pieces of silver; a paltry sum. Yet, many of us sell Jesus today for far less. To please friends and family we deny Jesus. Even for a mere mess of pottage..job offers, clothes, fringe benefits etc. Today, regret feels Judas heart but the best he could do was to take his life. What a shame. He has been with the Jesus for so long, yet he never knew him

We must note that if we truly know and respect the lord we can never get to the point where we consider ending our lives. Let the life of Judas serve as a warning. Head knowledge of the word of God can only deceive the people around you. If you have not that intimate relationship with Jesus you will always feel hollow inside and you are just an ordinary man.

Therefore, I urge you today;  Reject the life of empty religion! That is what Judas had. Stop feeling remorseful over those secret sins again and again. When will you stop dreading being found out? Embrace the life giver today. Cry out for the spirit of repentance and Holiness. He will give you the power to reign over sin as a
child of God.


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