Exercise self-control

Exercise self-control

Wednesday April 7 2021
Text: Proverbs 23 verse 1 to 14
Theme: Exercise self-contol

To exercise self-control means to put a restrain on one’s natural inclinations. These natural inclinations are usually in the form of our emotions and natural desires. Naturally we desire food, drink, comfort, prestige, power, affluence, sex, and all other forms of enjoyment. However each of these desires, no matter how innocent, comes at a cost. We are entitled to them yet they have consequences. When we satisfy them outside the approved boundaries of God’s principles we do so at our own peril. This is the difference between Man and the lower animals. Animals live by their instincts but man lives by the choices he makes.

Hence, verses 2-3 warns against casting off restraints. It says:

when you sit to eat with a ruler, consider carefully what is put before you and put a knife to your throat… do not desire his dainties for they are deceptive…

Exercise self-control

This means there is always a hidden agenda behind the wines, assorted food, background music and relaxing atmosphere. Many believers have ended up in the laps of Delilah after such meals. Many have sold their souls to the devil himself under such environment. Therefore beware child of God. Whether a youth, a married person or man of God, the same principles apply.

Moreover, self control must be applied in the pursuit of money. This book of proverbs is full of teachings that renounced laziness, yet, it doesn’t condone excessive pursuit of wealth either. We mustn’t allow wealth to become the only preoccupation we have. If we pursue money at the expense of our salvation or family life, then we are foolish. Such wealth will surely grow wings and fly away.

Finally, the discipline of children is a right they are entitled to, just as they have the right to good education. When we deny them this, we are wicked. For foolishness is bound in the heart of the child, only the sod of correction will drive it out. Nevertheless, those who hide under the guise of discipline to inflict pain and harm out of wrath must know that they are doing a different thing for correction must be borne out of love and warmth to the child. Discipline without love is cheer wickedness. Always exercise self-control.

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