A Good Name is better than Riches

A Good Name is better than Riches

Monday April 5 2021
text Proverbs 22 verse 1 to 16
Theme: A good name is better than riches

A good name is better than riches is the message of the book of proverbs. The book contains a lot of varied instructions on how to live prudently. It teaches practical means of achieving a good reputation. A good name or a good reputation is to be desired and pursued more than riches. Unfortunately, many people including believers have no regard for a good name or a good reputation we prefer ill gotten wealth and riches to whatever integrity and honour a good reputation can give us. This is wrong. God desires that we be like him in Holiness and integrity. He exalt his name so much that he takes vows by his own name, for no other name is greater than him.

A good name is better than riches. Proverbs 22

Interestingly, the way to riches, honour and life are not obtained in the corrupt practices or in wealth but in humility and fear of God (verse four). Seeking for wealth and riches through the corrupt means is choosing the perverse way. Sadly, this way is full of thorns and snares (vs5). In the town where I live, many youngsters who made their wealth through internet fraud are turning against each other. For months now it has been killings everywhere. Many have run out of the country for fear of getting killed. What is the need of making such money which takes away your peace of mind?

In addition, verses 6 and I 5, give us practical wisdom on how to ensure no generational gap in serving the lord. Many Christian parents joke with this task of raising their children in the fear of God. This is why some believers including in ministers’ children in my country get involved in internet fraud and ritual killing. It is so disheartening that many of our church members are living abroad  doing nothing but this evil.  If we can’t take the responsibility of bringing up  children in the way of the lord, then one must not get married in the first place for God seeks nothing More in a marriage than godly offsprings.

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