Turn Away from Idols (SU Daily Guide Review)

Turn Away from Idols (SU Daily Guide Review)

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Text: Deuteronomy 29: 16- 29
Theme: Turn Away From Idols

I wish to focus the lesson of this passage on a revelation. Apostasy is worst than being dead in sin. Apostasy is the outright rejection of God or Christ. It involves the repudiation of a godly principle we have always known to be true.

Turn away from idols.

This passage warns against turning to idol. The warning is for the covenant people of God. These are people who have had a relationship with God. They have eaten and drunken together with God. They have an intimate knowledge of God, just as God knows them. Then, suddenly they forsake God for worthless idols. They prefer idolatrous practices to the holy ordinances of God. In other words, they have rejected God.

There is a great warning coming to the church as a whole. Apostasy is worse than any other sin. Apostasy is equal to idolatry. Rejecting godly principles or substituting them with what seems godly but not exactly the same is apostasy. This is the sin of Sodom and all the other land mentioned in verse 23. This is also the sin of a greater part of the world today. Many people have renounced God. They propose moral principles but keep God aside. We cannot change God’s pattern. We don’t know more than him. Every such practice is idolatry. We must turn away from idols in all its ramifications.

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Even though the sin may not be too flagrant yet in Nigeria, a time is coming for it and very fast too. Believers must beware. They must stand their ground and stand firm. More dramatic changes are to be expected in the way people reflect about God. But with careful prayers as a church, this infiltration can be avoided. He who thinks he stands must beware! May God deliver us in Jesus name, Amen!

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