The Dilemma of Pilate; Jesus or Barabbas

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Text: Matthew 27:11-16
Theme: The Dilemma of Pilate; Jesus or Barabbas

The dilemma of Pilate brings tears to the eyes. It so descriptive of human weakness. He wishes to do right but is so incapacitated to do so. He secretly admires Jesus, yet, he does not want to displease the Jewish leaders who obviously will help to foster his recommendations to the higher authorities. How so like us he is. Even though the truth was so glaring he chooses to turn a blind eye. Jesus must surely die as predicted. However, every single character in his passion has the privilege of choosing to do right or Wrong. Pilate chose the easy way out. What would you have done in his shoes? What will you do now if such opportunity comes to you?

Barabbas or Jesus? We are all ‘Barabbases’. Jesus’ sinless life was exchanged for notorious people like us. It was an eternal court and the destiny of the human race hung on the balance. Even while we were yet in prison awaiting trial and judgement because of our evil deeds, someone stepped in and took our place. Pause, ponder on this and pray. Romans 5:8 puts it this way

but God has shown us how much he loves us – it was while we were still sinners that Christ died for us'( GNB).

Another Easter is here to remind us of how we are born as Christians. Jesus’ passion, more than anything else, reveals the Depth of the father’s love for us. What will you do with this love after this period. Will you go back to your uncommitted Christian life again right after lent?

Christianity is a lifestyle;  live it! The kingdom is for those courageous ones who dares to live the life as stipulated in the bible whether they are being threatened by or not. It is in denying yourself that you win Christ. It is in hating your life that you gain life. Reject the dilemma of Pilate. Live for the one who loves you so much that he gave up his life for you.

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