Melchizedek, the Priest like Jesus

Saturday March 6, 2021
Text: Hebrews 7:1-14
Theme: Melchizedek, the Priest like Jesus.

“Melchizedek, the priest like Jesus” is a perfect caption for today’s study. Going by the discussions of the text, one may conclude that Jesus is like Melchizedek, this is not so. Rather, Melchizedek is like Jesus. God had to foreshadow Jesus’ kind of priesthood in the person of Melchizedek. So that “at a time like this”, Genesis 14 can serve as a reference point to the Jewish believers. This reference is as regards Jesus’ priesthood and kingship.

Jesus according to Jewish ancestry  has no right as a priest.  All who may aspire to such position must be descendants of Levi and Aaron. Nevertheless, God  knew that there will be a future need for priesthood in the order of Melchizedek. Hence, he provided a precedence in Genesis. This he did before the institution of the levitical priesthood. He did it to ensure continuity of the pattern of intercession already established between Abraham and Melchizedek.

The priest who brings perfect  restoration is divine. He is not a mere man because all men are under the power of sin. Hence, the Levitical priests could officiate for years but couldn’t deal with the issue of sin. Their best efforts could only show what sin is. It could. prescribe the punishment due but leaves the sinner wallowing in guilt. Jesus’ priesthood comes with a superior power. It is a perfect order that destroys the power of sin.

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So, what is the importance of this priesthood in the order of Melchizedek? It simply shows that Jesus is better. He is greater than Moses and the levitical priests. This is because He has a more glorious ministry. God replaces the old law with the new order where Jesus is the paschal lamb instead of ordinary sheep and goat. Similarly, there is need for a new order of priesthood. This new order also qualifies pastors to stand as shepherds over their local churches.

Sadly, in some areas, some people still cling to the law of Moses for salvation. They resort to animal sacrifices and  strict observances of mosaic laws. Hebrews 7 shows the futility of such efforts. It is backwards and completely unacceptable for man’s redemption. Jesus is the one approved by God to be a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. He remains the only way to the father.

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