Grow Up! (SU Daily Guide Review)

Grow Up! (SU Daily Guide Review)

Thursday, March 4, 2021
Text:Hebrews 5:11-6:8
Theme: Grow Up!

The theme of today’s devotional enjoins us to grow up. Growth is the most distinctive characteristics of a living thing. Humans naturally grow progressively, from infancy to adulthood. Signs of stunted growth, deformity or no growth at all usually give a great cause for alarm. Similarly, our christian lives are the same. When we come to Christ and exercise faith in him we are transformed. We become new men with a definite new birth experience. This new life comes as a result of the ministry of God’s word, according to John 3:3-8 and 1Corinthians 5:17. Hence, 2 Peter 2:2 asks us to grow by desiring the sincere milk of the word of God.

Grow up! (SU Daily Guide Review)

However, it is sad to note that many believers are in this category of the description of our passage. So many of us have professed born again many years ago but our lives are still full of the old leaven of sin. We refused to make out time to feed on the balance diet of God’s word from the table he prepared daily. As a result, we are still earthly minded and continuously live in the flesh. We are yet to grasp the basic foundations of the faith. It is very difficult to share the gospel of Christ or even walk in his promises. Rather, believers go about looking for miracles in various mushroom ministries who promise bread and butter life.

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The warning is serious. We must sit up from where we have fallen and repent. Let us forget about the mistakes, lack of seriousness and foolishness of the past and decide today to do right. Ask God to reveal to you where you are in your spiritual life. When I made such prayer many years ago, God revealed to me that I was still crawling, even as a full grown woman. It is a very serious calamity to be below standard spiritually. You expose yourself and many you ought to intercede for to various dangers. Satan mesmerizes you as a toy and you keep rising and falling. Therefore, reject the diaper status. Cry out to God for grace to feed on the right spiritual food and drink so that you can grow.

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