Forget Not the Blessings of the Lord

Forget Not the Blessings of the Lord

Friday, March 12, 2021
Text: Deuteronomy 31:14-29
Theme: O my Soul, Forget not All the blessings of the Lord

“O my soul, forget not all the blessings of the lord”. May this be our cry always. Man is by nature easily forgetful especially of those things that are divine. This is because we attribute our breakthroughs or achievements to our own ability. Even though we may recognise God we fail to give him the due regard and honour for those accomplishments. We often fall prey to the natural inclination of taking glory to ourselves. This is the case of the Israelites here. God has seen before hand that when they settle in the promised land, they will surely prosper. However, instead of returning glory to God, they will give themselves credit for their achievements and begin to seek friendship with the world around them.

Forget not the blessings of the lord

This is a very sad reality. Many believers whom God picked from dunghills and established as princes today are no where to be found in the service of God. Many were called from Sunday school teachers to bishops. Some from cleaners to head of departments. Many also received grace to travel abroad to greener pastures. Today, instead of being faithful to God’s service, they prefer to mix up with unbelievers or believing unbelievers around them and water down their consecration. Many have joined different social clubs, or taken up job offers that promote sinfulness all in the bid to belong or to make it. They quickly dance to pressure just like king Saul of Israel and begin to offer wrong sacrifices to maintain their position.

And the Lord said unto Moses, behold, you shall sleep with your fathers and this people will rise up and prostitute themselves with other Gods (verse 16)

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O my soul, forget not all the blessings of the lord! If I forget you O Jerusalem may my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth!! This should be our cry and prayer. God predicted about the Israelites and it came to pass. May it not be so for us. May we never forget where God picked us from. We must be more careful about our faith as we become more prosperous. Nothing must crowd out the given mandate or jeopardise our covenant relationship with God. As we live in the midst of people who have little regard for our God, we mustn’t dim the light of the gospel so as to belong. Rather, the light of God must shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.

PRAYER: Grant us this grace, O eternal father, to stay united with you always in Jesus name. Amen!

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