Tuesday, 23rd March 2021
Proverbs 21 :15-31

Yes, it does matter how I live because my life directly and indirectly affects me and a host of other people positively or negatively. The way I conduct the affairs of my family affects my wife and my children. Children, especially, learn what they live. Others have their impressions of me in the fellowship, the church and the wider society. Therefore, everyone especially the christian believer should live and work in the consciousness of the above fact.

Progressively, verses 15-20 enumerate the forms of evil practices and perpetrators:
a) people who trade on iniquity – vs 15
b) wanderers out of the way of understanding – vs 16
c) lovers of pleasure – vs 17
d) the wicked and transgressors – vs 18
e) contentious and angry woman – vs 19
f) prodigal and wasteful life – vs 20

Does it matter how I live?

Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and compare with the traits above.
What are the consequences of the stated lifestyles both to the individual involved and those outside? While the believer should not be associated with such negative traits,  sadly, they are not uncommon among us and something should be urgently done about them. They are the evidences of uncrucified life of the believer. They may be associated more with the unregenerated people of our society who need to hear and believe in the resurrected Christ and His power that changes life.

The life lived through God’s help is entirely different from that of a natural man. It tows the line of righteousness to please God and mystery to the man on the street.
The truth is that man receives God’s assistance by His spirit to live this life that pleases Him. Hence

But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name ” (John 1:12).

This life is the highest displays of the active power of God in the believer. The claim of Christ in a man’s life without the life of righteousness is false. More so, the operation of the presence of Christ in the believer moderates his life physically, spiritually, socially and affects his entire life. We have to live differently from the rest of the people of the world to show that we belong to Christ. (Read Matthew 5:16)

Further,  verses 23-29  separates the life of the wicked from that of the righteous. From your demarcation, what part are you more inclined to? If your inclination is on the negative, you have need of repentance, asking God for mercy. If on the part of righteousness, you are encouraged to get closer to God the more.

In addition, we cannot succeed in devising any measures that can deceive God, not even our sacrifices can, and so, we can decide to be true to Him. Those who confront God meet with the hardest rock that grinds to powder. No one is qualified to plead your case before God, only the Man, Jesus Christ. If a swift horse cannot guarantee safety (what is that horse is in your case), run to the Lord, Jesus Christ to secure your soul.

Written by Bro Silvanus Anyanwu

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