Choices Have Consequences (SU Daily Guide Review)

Choices Have Consequences (SU Daily Guide Review)

Friday March 19, 2021
Text; Proverbs 19:15-29
Theme: Choices have Consequences

Choices have consequences indeed and life is full of them. From the simple choice of choosing to eat or not, what to eat and how much. How to dress; what to wear. Where to live and work etc are all simple and daily life choices. Each of them have consequences, good or bad. Whatever choice we make has also a forgone alternative. This is why we must carefully weigh the available alternatives before deciding on one. The unique ability to choose is a blessing. God in his infinite wisdom gives this ability only to humans. It is our most distinguishing feature from other animals who live only by their instincts. Hence, we are answerable and accountable to God for every single choice we make in life.

Choices have consequences (SU Daily Guide Review

The most important choice that every human being must make is that of choosing to serve God or not. In John 16:9 Jesus said “the world’s sin is that it does not believe in me”. Jesus crucified is the wisdom of God revealed. Everything we need in our lifetime, every choice we’ll ever make can be right if we first give attention to accepting Jesus as the saviour and master. Verse 23 puts it this way;

the fear of the lord leads to life and he who has it will abide in satisfaction. He will not be visited with evil”.

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Jesus by his holy spirit gives us the grace to overcome all natural impediments like laziness and slothfulness. He helps us to have self control and not give in to hot temper. He instructs us first then we can instruct and discipline our children aright. The holy spirit makes us compassionate that we are able to empathize with the poor and needy. Knowing Jesus helps us appreciate our parents and treat them with honour as God demands. In other words, everything that the writer of proverbs says in this passage are the fruits the holy spirit bears in a believer when we truly surrender to his leadership. Therefore, do not try to put the cart before the horse. Give your life to Christ first and then submit to the holy spirit and he will help you make right choices always.

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