Blessings of Moses (SU Daily Guide Review)

Blessings of Moses (SU Daily Guide Review)

Monday March 15, 2021
Text: Deuteronomy 33:1-12
Theme: Blessings Of Moses

Blessings of Moses on the children of Israel will be the last national blessings upon the twelve tribes by the patriarchs. It followed from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob and finally Moses. When the ways of a man pleases the lord he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. The children of Israel had a chequered history. There lives full of many weird characters and events, yet, in it all, God was shaping a great nation and a people set apart unto him to birth the seed; Christ. Hence, as the lord puts in the mouth of the patriarchs at certain time, they placed blessings( or curses) as he directs.

Blessings of Moses

Moses is a man with the heart of a loving father;  merciful and generous. Despite all the failings of Israel he was more concerned that the lord will do them good than evil. Thus he blessed every tribe and prayed fervently for the struggling ones to excel. So touching is his prayer for Reuben:

may Reuben never die out although their people are few (verse 6)

The story of Reuben’s sin against his father and the curse placed on him should be a warning to all of us. God’s precepts and patterns can never be trifled with. Some people claim today that grace has liberated them therefore they neglect certain biblical guidelines in the old testament. Such people are causing a great harm to themselves. It is obvious from the book of numbers that Reuben, even though the first born, he never excelled other tribes out numbered him in the census. We thank God that Moses’ prayer cancelled this curse. Therefore, we must diligently teach our children respect for godly principles. Respect for elders is not just a good moral but a biblical injunction especially with regard to our parents. Honouring our parents surely brings us blessings.

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It is true Jesus has borne our curses on the cross. Nevertheless, any man who comes to Christ must tarry in prayers over the curses due to his parents’ sins.  To this end he must  repent of their sins and ensure he does not continue in them. This is the only way we can revert the curses from reaching the third and fourth generation as God decreed.  This is also the way to claim the promise of personal responsibility in Ezekiel 33.  If you conceal the sins of your ancestors that you are aware of, you will not prosper. When you come to Christ, you must expose and renounce them before you can be free of the curses attached to it.

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