Beware of Unbelief (Daily Guide Devotional)

Beware of Unbelief (Daily Guide Devotional)

Monday March 1, 2021
Text: Hebrews 3:7-19
Theme: Beware of Unbelief

We must beware of unbelief as our continued walk with the lord depends completely on our implicit trust and acceptance of his word. This bible passage is replete with the example of the Israelites who rebelled through their unbelief. They know God. They witnessed his power, yet they could not trust in him. As a result, they deny his words by refusing to pay heed to it.

Jesus informed us that not all who call him lord, lord shall see the kingdom of God. He knows those who actually belong to him. Many in our generation are just like the Israelites. There are many church goers who claim allegiance to him with their lips but in essence are not part of his fold. This is because they know the word of God but have blatantly refused to adhere to it in their daily lives. Our refusal to live according to God’s principles is simply unbelief. God’s revealed word is Jesus himself. If you call on the name Jesus but reject his teachings you are simply doubting him his word and his position as lord.

Beware of Unbelief

Hebrews 3:13

But exhort one another daily, while it is called Today; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.”

Hardness of heart is primarily a spiritual manipulation, but we play a major part in allowing it. Sin hardens the heart by deceit. Sin says it does not matter even when it matters. A little relaxation with sin appears harmless but that is where the deceit lies: any sin one relaxes with today can come back comfortably tomorrow because the sensitivity against the sin is lost gradually.

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Therefore, beware of unbelief. Those who hardened their hearts in the past did not enter the rest God proposed. Instead, they suffered. Many died in the wilderness and many perished from other calamities Also, those who reject his teachings now, no matter the name they go by as Christians, can never enter the rest of his soon coming kingdom. A lot of ills will continue to befall all who take up the name of the lord in vain. If you’re truly a believer, this is a warning to jettison anything in your life that is contrary to God’s standard. The way out is a daily exhortation (admonishing and warning) of ourselves to say ‘NO TO SIN’. The more we say ‘NO’, the more we will keep saying ‘NO’. But the more we say yes to sin, the more our hearts harden. That is the deceit!

In conclusion, What must you do now? Turn to Jesus in faith to receive his power to live the victorious christian life over sin and unbelief. May we have a victorious new month of March in Jesus name, Amen!

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