Why Did Jesus Become A Man?

Why Did Jesus Become A Man?

Saturday, February 27, 2021
Text: Hebrews 2:10-18
Theme: To Save us he Became one of us

God in his desire to save us became one of us (verse 10). What a glorious testimony! What privilege!! We are precious to God. He values and appreciates us so much that he goes to the extreme to ensure our redemption. We can liken him to the artist who makes a beautiful art work, then seeing it lost or misused, spends his last penny to purchase it again. God does this because he treasures us. He’s placed a high premium on us therefore he stooped so low as to become man in order to save us.

Why did Jesus become a man

Moreover, God knows what it means to become a man. He knows man’s frailties and limitations. Yet, to understand us better he choose to become like us. He chose to suffer like us, (v14), that he may know better how to help us. In other words, He experienced all that we experience; limitations of weather and climate, limitations of time, limitations of fleshy desires, varied temptations and many other challenges peculiar to mankind. Hence, in his infinite wisdom, he makes the captain of our salvation a perfect captain by what he suffered. Jesus the sanctifier thus becomes a man in order to save mankind. He becomes one with the people he is to save and sanctify. As a result, he alone can deeply empathize with us for he has carried our frame. This is why no other personality in heaven has the capacity to reconcile us to God except him.

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Consequently, Jesus alone has the right to be the mediator between man and God. He alone is worthy to stand as a king and judge over mankind for he has passed through what we pass through. Jesus judges from the standpoint of one with the right experience. He  Judges as one who knows what it means to be tempted. This is why he stands with us in all our sufferings and intercedes mercifully on our behalf.

Finally, Beloved, have you seen the magnitude of God’s love? Even in your weakest moment, he empathizes with you and  gives you strength to overcome. Interestingly, he is ready to give this strength to anyone who will approach him. He was fully man, yet he didn’t sin. And he’s promised  to keep us pure if only we will come to him in faith. In John 1:12 he promised “as many as believe in me, I will give power to become children of God”. In conclusion,  Have you received this power yet? If no, what are you waiting for?  Your case is not beyond him. He wishes to reconcile you to the father and make you perfect.

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