Wholehearted Thanksgiving ( SU Daily Guide Review)

Wholehearted Thanksgiving ( SU Daily Guide Review)

Wednesday February 24 2021
Text: Psalms 138:1-8
Theme: Wholehearted Thanksgiving

Wholehearted thanksgiving and praise is reflected in most of the psalms. This is to teach us the need to appreciate God with our whole heart. Appreciating God with our whole heart indicates that we have attributed all our achievements and progress to him. We do not see our achievements to be as a result of our intelligence, wit, hard work, connections or otherwise. Wholehearted Thanksgiving is the best response to God’s faithfulness and mercy which he bestows upon us without measure. In this psalm David articulates all that God has done for him and responds by lifting his voice in praise to God to the shame of all other gods.

Wholehearted thanksgiving

David’s whole hearted Thanksgiving and praise reveals one important truth to us in verse 2. He says : “I will worship toward your holy temple and praise your name for your loving kindness and your truth for you have magnified your word above all your name”. David judges God faithful and true because God’s promises in his word did not fail nor disappoint him. God has solemnly spoken and backed up his word of promise by his name therefore he cannot lie. We too must learn from David to hold God’s word dear and priceless. We must revere his promises knowing that whatever he’s promised, he is faithful to keep. This is because his word carries the weight of his name.


though I walk in the midst of trouble you will revive me. You will stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies and your right hand will save me” (verse 7).

Given that the lord promises about this salvation, I will not fear when trouble comes, for he will surely save me. He is ready to perfect everything that concerns me. Why then should a believer worry and loose hope? We need not faint no matter what. If we know the promises of God and believe in his name; Jehovah (I am who I am) then we can bank on his word. His name is mightier and higher than any other name. We can call on him any time for he is too faithful, too powerful and too truthful to fail.

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