Even the wind waves and demons obey him

The Wind, Waves and Demons obey Him

Monday February 1, 2021
Text: Mathew 8: 23-34
Theme: Even the wind, Waves and Demons Obey Him

Jesus didn’t need to struggle with the wind, waves and demons. He simply rebuked them and they were calm. Note that he apostles were right in the same boat with Him, yet, the tempest arose . The wind and waves didn’t back off because they saw Jesus, rather, they came in full force to attack and overturn the boat.

The lesson here is that having a close side by side, intimate walk with Jesus doesn’t exempt us from the strong wind and storms of life. Even as dedicated believers, we all struggle with something. We don’t need to be ashamed of this; we only need to remember that we have Jesus in our boat.

Even the wind waves and demons obey him
Matthew 8:23-34

Jesus was calm and even asleep, probably tired from the evangelistic ministry just concluded. The apostles realised the danger they were in. They took the right step by arousing him. We need to draw Jesus’ attention whenever the waves, storms and demons arise. He promised in Isaiah

when the enemies shall rise up like a flood the spirit of God will lift up a standard against him (Is 59:19)

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We usually make the mistake of looking inwards or outwards to find solution. Solution comes only from above. Beloved, always look upwards that’s where the action is. As soon as the apostles called; Jesus answered. He knows the authority resident in him. He is not ignorant of the power vested in him unlike the apostles. Our second lesson is this:

Jesus has also vested his power in us to rebuke storms. Let’s put this power to work always and shun faithlessness.

Jesus has power over demons. He has also given us this power. He didn’t fight nor wrestle the demon in the two demoniac. Many people who claim they are deliverance ministries perform a lot of drama in order to cast out demons. It took Jesus a mere conversation. The demons recognized him and his authority over them so it was easy.

You want to cast out demon? Does the demon recognise your authority over him? Do you know your authority over the demon or are you facing it with a fearful doubtful mind? He may turn and tear you to shreds.

Prayer: Father for grace to recognise your power to do ALL THINGS and for grace to know the authority you have vested in us. Grant that we remain no longer babes in spiritual matters but to move with the authority you’ve given us.

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