The Dilemma of God’s minister (SU Daily Guide Review)

Monday February 8, 2021
Text: Mathew 11:1-15
Theme: The Dilemma of God’s Minister

This passage exemplified very well the dilemma of God’s minister indeed. It shows us most clearly that no one is exempted from doubts or inhibitions of the flesh. Even the strongest among us can become doubtful of God’s word and promises when we face certain challenges or calamities.

John asked Jesus a very pointed question:

are you the messiah or should we expect another?

The question actually seems absurd coming from his mouth. It was John who introduced Jesus to the world. saying

This is the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world…He who called me to baptise told me that the one upon whom I see the spirit descending in the form of a dove and remaining the same is the one baptising with the holy spirit. (John 1:29-34).

Today, he turns around to question Jesus’ authority. What a great food for thought!


Jesus in his compassionate nature understood the dilemma of John. He knew why the questions were coming. John could be likened to Job. He suffered in the hands of evil men despite his renown righteousness. His doubt or denial did not make Jesus to change his stance or dabble into what is not part of his ministry. He praised John but stuck with his own line of duty. He didn’t rush out to save him,  so as to prove that he was really the Christ. He only answered him from the scriptures.

Our lesson:

every minister of the gospel is still a human being prone to temptations and other limitations of man.

Prominent men of God are easy targets of Satan, therefore they need our prayers than our condemnation. When our prayers aren’t answered, it doesn’t change the truth about who God is. John was at this time thinking that his own was worst, little did he know that Jesus was to die a more horrible death on the cross. Following Christ does not in any way remove sufferings. They are all avenues for our growth. May God make his word much more meaningful to us that we will not forget his precepts when challenges arise in Jesus name, Amen!

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