Superior message from God

Superior message from God

Thursday February 25, 2021
Text: Hebrews 1:1-14
Theme: Superior Message From God

This superior message from God is the message Jesus Christ, the son of God brings. It is the message of the Grace and mercy of God. This passage teaches us more about the person of Jesus and what God has to say about him. It also gives us reasons why his message is superior to the message of others before him. We must note as we go further that;

The deity of Jesus is not to be explained but to be adored. Similarly, the acceptance of his sonship is by faith, as a truth of revelation, because, it is beyond human comprehension.

Those who attempt to explain it casually fall into the error of apostasy.

Superior message from God

Verses 1-3 introduces Jesus Christ as the true, final and complete revelation of God. God the father is here telling what the son of God is all about. The son is the express image of the father; the best physical representation of the invisible God. More so, verses 4-14 emphasizes his supremacy over the angels.

As Colossians 1:16-17 has it;

Christ is in existence before all things and through him all things in heaven and earth, visible and invisible, thrones and dominions are created.

They are all created through him and for him. Consequently, he has a superior message from God to all who had come before him, whether they be angels or prophets. This is because he is God himself in human form. His proclamations finds authenticity in his eternal power.

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In these last days therefore, God seeks to reconcile everything to himself through whom he makes all things. The mention of last days shows us that there are dispensations. The last days may be a long period or short in the frame of time but God has adjudged it last because there will be no other dispensation in this scheme of things. His revelation of himself in the form of man marks the end of this era of salvation of man.

So what? We are privileged to be a part of these last days when God is speaking to man directly and man also can speak to God directly. God in his wisdom presents Jesus, the son to ensure that this supreme message of salvation and reconciliation is readily available to the sons of men.

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