Jesus Christ is Greater than Moses

Jesus Christ is Greater than Moses

Sunday, 28th February 2021
Text: Hebrew 3:1-6

The writer  of Hebrews perfectly proves that Jesus Christ is greater than Moses and the angels; the highest of the heavenly beings who are God’s messengers. Among men, Jesus compares only to Moses by whose hands God gave the law. The comparison aims at focusing these new Jewish converts to the proper worship, consolidating their faith in Christ Jesus.

There are various falsehood and distractions in this important issue of faith which may sound reasonable, but actually end up in errors that lead to destruction.. We are aware that some religious sects are established on the worship of angels, while some emphasize the keeping of the laws given through Moses as the way to maintain a relationship with God. When we consider the value and excellence of Jesus, the High Priest of our salvation, His exalted position and His condescension to take on flesh, we judge Him faithful to the least the way He carried out His charge. What a challenge to beat in the little things committed in our hand. According to 1 Corinthians 4:2 it is expected that stewards should be faithful in the discharge of their duties

Jesus Christ is greater than Moses

Jesus Christ is greater than Moses because he is the Architect and the Builder of His church and Moses; a stone in the building. Moses enjoyed a momentary glory that vanishes like mist after he leaves God’s presence. The honour and the greater glory that does not fade go to Jesus, the great designer and the builder for what He has achieved in our lives and in His church. Therefore, our eyes should not be opened only on wrongs and things not properly done. We should appreciate and thank God for all He has done.

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More so, May we highly esteem the Son of God who came down to take flesh and blood to redeem man. Christ is God and without Him was no creation; whether at the spiritual or natural realm. Moses, nonetheless, was faithful as a servant in God’s house, but Christ was faithful as a Son over His own house. The Son is always superior to a servant. The Builder is greater than the house he builds. It is a thing of joy and a truth that we are the house of Christ. Consequently, what manner of men ought we to be if we know that Christ dwells in our midst? How holy? How heavenly minded? See  Colossians 3:1-2.

Finally, we can reserve ourselves for the One who is crucified for us. Whomever God chooses in Christ holds on to the end, in expectation of his eternal salvation. Salvation is only for those who endure to the end (Matthew 24:13). But temporary professors of the faith make a fair show of the flesh, whose faith soon vanish.

Written by Bro Silvanus Anyanwu

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