A holistic approach to missions

Holistic Approach to Missions (SU Daily Guide Review)

Thursday, February 4, 2021
Text: Mathew 9: 27-38
Theme: Holistic Approach to Missions

A holistic approach to missions is one that recognises and incorporates the three parts of the missionary work: preaching, teaching and healing. Jesus exemplified all these in today’s text. He also concluded with a command to ask the father for more people in this mission field.

The two blind men showed the importance of faith. They believed in their heart that Jesus can do it, then they took a step of faith. Observe how their faith was tested in verse 27-28,_they cried out to Jesus, but it seems Jesus ignored them and went into the house. He didn’t answer them until they made their way to where he is.

Hear the question again ;

Do you believe that I am able to do this? (Verse 28)

A holistic approach to missions

Jesus is also asking us this question today. We must know that as far as our eyes can see; as far as we can believe, it is ours, for with God nothing shall be impossible Luke 1:37 …according to your faith let it be to you”

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The healing of the mute demoniac also shows us the divinity and authority of Jesus over everything. By these miracles he keeps pointing us to the kingdom of heaven. In that place no resident shall say “I am sick”. Therefore, let us all keep faith; shunning all manner of flesh life but constantly yielding to the spirit. It is by so doing we live the kingdom lifestyle in full, both here and hereafter.

Note also Jesus plea, beloved pilgrim, he says to ask the father to increase the labourers. The harvest will sure go to waste if no one is available to harness it. Sadly, there are many labourers in the field today who are not skilled in the work. The mission to save men must be clad with and driven by compassion. Else, we will be too conscious of what men say and how we feel. The harvest is truly ripe, but the field is full of non compassionate, self seeking hired labourers. Sons are passionate and focused. We must present ourselves for this work and continue to pray for more prepared workers for a holistic missionary work.

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