Do not Trivialise the Gospel

Do not Trivialise the Gospel

Friday, February 26, 2021
Text: Hebrews 2:1-9
Theme: Do Not Trivialise the Gospel

Do not trivialise the Gospel is the earnest plea of most epistles by Paul and other apostles. The writer of Hebrews pleads with the Jewish Christians not to trivialise or disdain the message of salvation they have received. He is also pleading with us today to give earnest heed to the things we have heard lest we drift away. This shows that if we do not take care to preserve our salvation we can loose it or take up other misconceptions in its place.

This salvation Jesus provides is far greater than the law which came through Moses. Hence, we must not trivialise the Gospel message. For, the law is powerful and anyone who transgresses the law is severely punished. Nevertheless, it is not as glorious as the message of salvation by our lord Jesus. The writer asks, if those under the law are so severely punished, what do you think will happen to those who trivialise this great salvation?

Do not trivialise the gospel

Therefore, being aware of the honest judgement of God against all disobedient we must hold Jesus message of salvation in high esteem for ourselves and for others. First, we must preserve what we have learnt and pursue it vigorously. Then,  we must preach and exhort others to keep the faith. Sadly, many believers allow mundane things to crowd out their obligations to the faith. This shouldn’t be. The gift of salvation is more precious than gold. Hence, we must treasure it above all things. When we value a thing we give it prior importance. Therefore contend earnestly for your salvation by daily engaging in spiritual disciplines.

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In addition, Jesus has not come to deliver angels. As mighty, powerful and precious as they are, they are not beneficiaries of this great salvation. For the coming kingdom is for man and not for angels. Hence Jesus becomes man so that he will be the author of salvation to all men who will come to him. Therefore, treasure this salvation you’ve received as priceless. Do not trivialise the gospel message.  Do not joke with your spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, bible study, fellowship with brethren etc. Failure to pay earnest heed to the gospel message will lead to disastrous consequences

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