Deuteronomy 12:7

The Blood is the Life (SU Daily Guide Review)


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Text: Deuteronomy 12:20-32

Theme: The Blood is the Life

The blood is the life is a recurrent theme in the bible. It is the basic reason Jesus’ blood could atone for mankind. The instruction given in this passage is both symbolic and spiritual.

In the old testament, Noah was the first to receive this set of instruction from God in Genesis 9:4. In Exodus 12 Israel was to smear the blood of the lamb on their door posts as a sign of protection against the angel of death. In Leviticus it was made explicit and the blood of the sacrifice must be presented before sin can be forgiven. Here in Deuteronomy the law is ratified. At the first church council in Jerusalem Acts 15, blood remains prohibited.

This restriction is not just for the sake of blood itself but for what it represents: LIFE. God demands that we place a high value on life as He does. Everything that sustains life is conveyed by the blood.

Almost all biological components of the body is

Life is in the blood
Do not eat blood

contained in therein. As soon as it is drained, life has ended. Naturally God places a high premium on blood, hence. Eating any animal with blood still in it means the animal’s life is not properly regarded.


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What’s the implication for the believer in Christ today? Although believers uphold this principle of not eating raw  strangled or dead animals it is a not rule we meticulously follow in order to be accepted by God. Jesus is the express symbol In this instruction. By pouring away his life blood, man’s salvation was made complete. He is the completion of everything the law requires.

So, when we drink the cup of the holy communion, we remember always what Jesus has done for us. it is clear that such practices and moral laws is not for the believer today, for we are not set free by the law but by faith alone through grace alone.

What about Acts 15? The apostles sought for a harmony in fellowship between the gentile and Jewish believers not necessarily setting a precedence of another set of moral laws. The royal law in James 2 to love our neighbour as ourselves remains the only law for the believer in Christ.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that we go about eating raw meat or drinking blood no, naturally such is repulsive because of what blood represents. Rather we do not go about judging people based on what they eat or how they prepare their meals. Neither do we take this to the extreme of refusing to take blood transfusion to save a life. May God continue to open our eyes in the light of his teachings through Christ Jesus, Amen!

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