The Big Three (SU Daily Guide Review)

Friday, January 22, 2021
Text: Deuteronomy 16:1-22;
Theme: The Big Three

The three big festivals outlined here are the three more prominent ones out of the six that God instituted for the children of Israel in Leviticus 23 namely; The Passover, unleavened bread, first fruits,(Pentecost or festival of weeks) festival of trumpets, day of atonement and the feast of tabernacles(festival of booths or ingathering). Each of these festivals calls for a holy convocation and celebration unto the lord. We must study them with the understanding that they all find their meaning in Christ Jesus.

Today, we are looking at the big three: Passover, Pentecost and Ingathering. Passover was originated in Egypt, as we well know, on the night the lamb was was slain and eaten with its blood smeared on the door posts to mark the Israelites safe. This blood of the lamb without blemish is Jesus. His life blood was poured out on the cross for mankind, to mark safe from the imminent destruction, all who will come under his umbrella of protection through their faith in what he has done. Whenever we celebrate Easter, we celebrate the Passover. When we have eaten his passover of the bread and wine, what follows is the feast of the unleavened bread. No yeast of leaven, which is sin, should be found in our lives.

Festival of weeks which is Pentecost is fifty days after the wave offering of the first fruit is offered. Jesus is the wave offering of the first fruit from the dead. After he presents himself to the father in the ascension, he pours out the holy spirit upon the first fruits of the souls harvested on Pentecost day (see Acts 2). This includes all of us today who have been baptised in the holy ghost and given the earnest down payment of the spirit of Christ which identifies us as children of God.

The festival of ingathering is what we are still awaiting. This is the final gathering of the saints. It will come in sequence with festival of the trumpets and festival of booths. In Jesus the first three festivals, passover, unleavened bread and Pentecost are actualized. In him the last three will also be actualized. Read Revelations for a better understanding of the festival of trumpets. These festivals are given as pointers to the eternal map of God’s deliverance plan for mankind, which he had set in motion in Jesus. Anyone who wants to participate in the ingathering will start from Passover. Come to the cross where the paschal lamb is slain and be marked safe. That’s the first port of call. If you’ve received the first two (Passover and Pentecost) then look steadily on for the last of the big three, Ingathering, it will surely be your portion in Jesus name. Amen!

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