Right or Wrong Judgement: (Daily Guide Devotional)

Text: Matthew 7:1-12

The issue of right or wrong judgement is one area we have a very thin line. A judgement could be right or wrong based on the method and motive. ¬†When our judgement is condemning, it is wrong but when a judgement is correctional, it is right. This situation is for the children of God, though and not for outsiders. Anyone who is yet to receive Christ stands condemned already (John 3:36). We don’t need to condemn them any further but rather pray and work towards their salvation.

Consider Matt 7: 1-5, James 4:11-12 and compare it with 1 Corinthians 6: 1-3. If we shall judge the world and the angels can we not judge simple matters among us as believers? Jesus here condemns the attitude of the brethren who slander or criticise others to make themselves feel good. We are to correct in a spirit of love and grace, those who are of the household of faith, with a mind to help them in their areas of weakness not to show them how sinful they are and how righteous we are.

Inability to pray is the first hindrance to prayer. Ask and you shall receive is Jesus’ injunction (Matt 7:7). You do not have because you do not ask (James 4: 2-3). We pray and faint once the answer doesn’t come immediately. But Jesus says to persist in asking, seeking and knocking (Luke 18). Don’t jump from one ‘powerful man of God’ to another. God wants to hear your own voice in prayer and he will surely answer if you pray in faith and according to his will.

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What’s more? Whatever you want men to do to you, do so unto others. This is the standard measure to weigh our actions, it is the golden rule. Save the treasures of the kingdom for those who place a high premium on it; not for dogs and pigs. Do not display your skills of praying in tongues for the worldly to see. It is a heavenly treasure. Do not go about the market place prophesying to unbelievers that it shall be well with them; that is not why you are called. Now is a good time to stop all the show and get serious with God in our closet lives.

Image Credit: Dailybibleverse.com

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