Destroy sin or be destroyed

Destroy Sin or be Destroyed (SU Daily Guide Review)

Monday January 18, 2021
Text: Deuteronomy 13:1-18
Theme: Destroy Sin or be Destroyed

Believers in Christ must be very decisive when it comes to dealing with sin. If we make the mistake of delaying even for a little moment, it will destroy us. The same warning we are given in this passage is the same as Jesus’ warning in Mathew 18. We must endeavour to destroy sin or be destroyed by it. This passage simply echoes the warning in Proverbs:

my son when sinners entice you do not consent”.

Verses 1- 5 were very specific. Prophets, dreamers and others who go by different titles can easily mislead a true believer. Many have aligned themselves to some evil powers while using God’s name as a camouflage. They’ve gone abroad deceiving many. We are warned not to give ear to such persons. Even if they had been our father in the lord then later begins to give teachings that are not biblical; please stay away from such. Have no fellowship with them.

Verses 6-10 brings it closer.

Destroy sin or be destroyed
Deuteronomy 13:6

Jesus says to cut off our limbs and pluck out our eyes in such occasions (Matt 18:8). A hyperbole you might say, but, Jesus is clearly saying we must not allow anything or any relationship come between us and God. They will only contaminate us.

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Verse 12-18 further instructs; if one of our cities or churches decide to welcome wrong worship patterns (like welcoming of homosexuals and ordaining them as priests), it says to destroy the town or city completely. Today, laws of sovereignty will not allow such, so we just do what the Church of NIGERIA, (Anglican communion) did to the church of England; we severe fellowship with such congregations because they are no longer our brothers.

The call we have received requires that we consciously and consistently swim against the tide of sin. We must remain focused and watchful even amongst ourselves for any kind of sin that may possibly come to attack us. We must destroy it first before it destroys us, for a little leaven will, definitely, leaven the whole lump.

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