Debtors and Bondservants (SU Daily Guide Review)

Thursday, January 21, 2021
Text: Deuteronomy 15:1-23
Theme: Debtors and Bondservants

The passage clearly centers on debtors and bond servants. In God’s perfect law of liberty, he has made a just law that will allow an equitable distribution of income so that none in Israel will be abysmally poor. This system of lending and borrowing is such that will grant a willing and obedient person an opportunity to bounce back economically at the event of any set back. He makes provision of the year of release when a debtor will be granted debt pardon. This reflects what JesusĀ  has done for us, at the acceptable time he released us from all our debts. We all are debtors to God. When we come to Christ we receive full pardon. so, we must imbibe this virtue of giving and forgiving. Even now, living under grace, we owe more because to us it has been revealed what grace really means.

A bond servant who loves his master so much and refuses to let go is what me and you have decided to be. We are bondservants of Jesus. When we say he is our lord and master, this passage gives us a picture of what we profess. We are actually saying that we have sold ourselves to him. We have lost every will to live our own self directed lives. Everything we have and are belong to him. Hence, we are his for life, we bear his mark of servitude as this bond servant’s ear is pierced through with an awl (vs 17) we bear his marks also daily as we align ourselves to the cross.


We must never forget what the cross signifies. It is our mark of servitude and our mark of freedom respectively. May we never resist him since we willingly gave it all up for him.

God is wise. He has shown us the easiest way to do what the world economies and economic experts cannot achieve. Living in love, offering meaningful and tangible financial help to the poor and needy will make the world a better place. Remember verse 11; the lord partners with the poor for our good. Invest in the poor round you today and see your life take a new turn. But you must remember to start from your kin and kith including those in your household of faith.

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