Daily Guide Devotional: Your Adversary the Devil

Text: Mathew 4:1-11

I thank God for starting us off this new year on bible lessons along these lines. Our common adversary as believers is Satan the devil. This enemy is the ancient serpent. This means he is older and probably wiser than any man on earth. He knows every trick in the book that he can use to manipulate the mind of every believer. The book of Peter calls him our adversary; the one who is completely against us. He has no good intention for us.

In the passage, Jesus our lord whom the bible says is given the spirit without measure, is tempted. If Jesus was tempted, then,  no believer is exempt of temptations because we must suffer what he suffered if we wish to be like him. He was a man, tested in every way like any  other man, yet, he didn’t fall. This should be our focus. We must never concede to the error that says ‘like fish in the ocean can’t deny water so can man not deny sin’.

Note well from the study that temptation comes to us right where we are. As a young convert, I used to think that church was a place were everyone was holy. So I let my guard down. How wrong I was.

The devil tempts us at the point of need: material, physical, financial, social, sexual. Do not allow anything to become a pressing need. Let God’s word be enough (vs 4). Satan will test your pride; your Id, ego and super ego. Shun pride.

submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee ( James 4:7).

Be intentional about taking God’s word serious this year. Find meaning in every verse of scripture, then trust what it says 100%. Do not just read and pass. Treasure it. It is the only language devil understands. Greater grace to us as we journey along in Jesus name, Amen!

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As believers we are tempted, but thank God for the Holy Spirit who is always there to guide and direct our steps to walk and live above sins. The devil just knows the word, he can’t do or apply the word but we overcome him by knowing, understanding and applying the words of God.

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