“Why Worry?” (Scripture union Daily Guide Devotional)


Date:  January 10, 2021

Text: Mathew 6:24-34

Theme: Why Worry?

It’s such a good question to ask myself. What have I ever gained by worrying? The answer is; nothing but more heartaches. Worry is, simply, fretting anxiously over situations we cannot control. It gives rise to a lot of psychological, emotional and mental stress to the body, resulting in all sorts of Ill health. Today, Jesus shows us a better way. He asks us ‘why worry, when I am here?’


The passage begins in verse 24 by asking us to choose only one master and stay with him for life. A woman who keeps more than one man at a time can never be a true lover to any of them. She will obviously love one and play games with the other. When we play this kind of game with God  we are not confident of his love. If we have really chosen God as our master, then worry is a sin for us because it shows a lack of faith.

Zephaniah 3:17

the lord your God in your midst. The mighty one will save: He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing


Birds feed by God

What else do we want? He loves us, he cherishes us, he rejoices over us and he quiets evey anxiety. This is more than we can ask for. His love is such that wants us not to go about seeking to solve all our problems alone. He wants us to trust that he is here for us and he can do all things.


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Why worry brother? Why fret sister? Give your anxious thoughts to God and stay calm before him. He took care of you in the womb when you had no idea what was going on, so what makes you think he can desert you now?

If he is truly your father and you’re rightly seeking his kingdom above all things, then, throw all of your burdens upon him for he cares. He will not complain that you are complaining too much No! He wants to hear you tell him everything.  Every single line of worry can be thrown at him for he is stable, reliable and powerful too. Nothing is too hard for him to do. Cheer up beloved. Worry no more!

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