Daily Guide Devotional: The Law for Today

Text: Mathew 5:13-26

For the believer in Christ, the law is no longer written on tablets of stone but on the flesh of our hearts. The law does not give life but Jesus does. Forgiveness is not found in the law but in what Christ has done on the cross. For the believer the law today is summed up in Mathew 22: 37- 40

on these two hang the law and prophets – ‘love the lord and love your neighbour’.


Jesus was in this passage outlining the nitty gritty of the law and prophets.

We are to be lights in a dark place and salt in a forlorn environment. Our aura and aroma should bring life to the dying and hope to the hopeless. 

Such is the power we carry and so ought our disposition to be on the face of the earth. We must make a marked positive difference that men will be left in no doubt as to the source of our goodness and give glory to God.

So what? Verse 20: ‘

for assuredly I say to you that unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven’.

Our law keeping must not be that of ‘whited sepulchres’ who pay tithes of mint, anise and cumin but neglect the weightier matters of justice, mercy and faith. (Matt 23:23).

The pharisees were legalistic hypocrites interested only in making a show of their ‘righteousness’. On the inside they have no regard for God. On the contrary We must first allow Jesus to give us the new birth and have his law written in our hearts of flesh so that our goodness flows from the inside. Law keeping then becomes an offshoot of the grace and truth we have received from him.

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