Daily Guide Devotional: ‘The Beatitudes’


Text: Mathew 5:1-12

Beatitudes simply means blessings. These 12 popular verses highlight the various ‘beatitudes’ that belong to the children of the kingdom. The lesson on beatitudes was not directed to the multitude but to Jesus’ disciples. (See verses 1-2).

The beatitude is to be understood in context and meticulously pursued by every disciple of Christ as a pattern for living. They are the attributes of the kingdom lifestyle.

I love to read this passage from the message bible. Verse 3 for instance reads; “blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (nkjv). In message bible it reads thus:

 you’re blessed when you are at the end of your rope. With less of you there’s more of God and his rule (MSG)

The kingdom lifestyle requires that we empty ourselves of self. God doesn’t want us depending on what we have, who we are or what we know. These give false confidence and breed pride.

Total dependence on God shows not only our humility but our acceptance of God to be greater and better than all of our own efforts. This verse has nothing to do with poverty or riches. It is all about the disposition of our hearts. Are we God dependent or self dependent?

So what?

You’re blessed:

  • when you are poor in the spirit.
  • When you mourn for the loss of worldly goods/relationships in pursuit of Christ.
  • When you are content with who God has made you to be.
  • When you are hungry for God.
  • When you care for people.
  • When you have your mind and heart put right with God.
  • When you can show people how to cooperate instead of fight; and
  • when your commitment to God provokes persecution.

This is how we’re blessed as we progressively imbibe the virtues of the beatitudes. May we make them the object of our pursuit this year and constantly look inwards for these fruits as we draw to God in prayer and request him to make us bear fruit abundantly.

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