Daily Guide Devotional: Keep it Private

Text: Mathew 6:16-23

The major focus of this lesson is on fasting. Jesus is saying that our prayers and fastings must be private. I must also say that they used to be until it became the norm in Christendom to announce that ‘our church is going on 100 days beginning of the year fasting and prayer’ etc etc.

Our fasting should not be only from food. Do you call it fasting when you go without food from six to six and yet all the while you’re chatting with a particular brother or sister on your phone or browsing the internet? I think you would rather need to fast from chatting and browsing.

You know your weak area which prevents you from devoting more time to God in prayers, tackle it. More important is repentance from every known sin. ‘Tear your heart and not your garment’ ( see Joel 2:12 -17). Remember Amos 6:1. Fasting is a must for every child of God. And when you do, please keep it between you and God.

Giving is a discipline we must learn to do the right way. Many give to their boyfriends, girlfriends and concubines very easily but hardly considers spending for their family members.

Even giving in the church at the detriment of your family’s basic needs is not a teaching of the bible rather you have joined the pharisees to say ‘this is corban’. Your giving at that time is just for the mere admiration of people. ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’; yet endeavour to give more to those who are of the household of faith, instead of giving to random beggars on the streets.

What is more? Make your eye to be full of light. (Verse22-23).The light is the word of God. Pray that it becomes the very fabric of your existence and the blood flowing through your veins. When you have done so, then, the word becomes the standard by which you measure everything else. Keep your prayers private but keep sharing the word of God. Stay focused and stay blessed.

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