Daily Guide Devotional: “Dig out the Roots”

Text: Mathew 5: 27-37


Our world has so commercialized sex that it hasĀ  become an idol almost everyone worships. Christ is today showing us why the law is inadequate. Sexual sin has it’s roots in the heart and not in the actual incident. Therefore we must dig it out from the root.

The Pharisees focused on the written letters of the law but Jesus wants us to go beyond that and have a heart filled with genuine love and compassion for people. They focused on committing the actual sin but Jesus shows us the need to root out the perversion of covetousness and selfishness in the heart. Lust is simply coveting physical pleasure of sexual intimacy with someone other than our spouse.

God warns that the marriage bed is honourable in all and therefore to be kept undefiled. In Ephesians 5:5

you can be sure that no one who is immoral, indecent or greedy will have a share in the kingdom of Christ and of God”.

We must flee sexual immorality by digging it out from the root.

So what? Divorce begins in the heart. The moment you allow anything to tear at the nodal junction of your union, you are courting divorce. We marry people not objects. So, do not make your spouse an object of sex, you will be disappointed.

Marriage does not cure lust. You need to dethrone the god of sex in your heart to be free from lust. Quit pornography it is devil’s way of taking sex out of context. Today, people can no longer boldly say that a particular sexual practice is bad because we see sex just as a means of satisfying an urge but in God’s pattern it is not so.

When you notice an attraction to the opposite sex, other than your legally married spouse, Jesus says you must take drastic measures to stop it. Do not dwell on the thought. It will lead you to hell. Remember, attraction is normal and not a sin, but indulging, fantasizing and cherishing any thought of intimacy without exercising self control is a sin of immorality. Be determined to dig it out from the root today as God supplies you help through Christ Jesus. Amen!

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