By their fruits...Jesus addict

‘By Their Fruits…’ (Daily Guide Devotional)

Text: Matthew 7:13-29

In Matthew 7:16, Jesus gave a verdict; “by their fruits you shall know them”. The fruit of a tree is the only way to identify it. Good trees bear good fruits while bad trees bad fruits. Christians are also know by their fruits. Anyone can claim to be a Christian until they act.” A snake will most definitely give birth to a long thing” is an adage in my local community.

Galatians 5: 22-23 gives the details of the fruits expected of a life dedicated to Christ. The kingdom lifestyle demands that we may come in as we are but must progressively put on the image of Christ else, we’ll be cast away (Matt 22:11-14). Failure to do this is what will earn many ‘powerful men of God’ the harsh words of the master in verses 22-23.

Therefore, whosoever hears these sayings of mine…’ (vs 24). We all hear these sayings of His everyday but what we do with it is the dividing line. When the rains, floods and winds of life comes, that is when the truth of what we have done with God’s word will come to fore. Only those who hear and obey are the ones building on the solid foundation; Christ. No challenges of life will topple them. Those who gyrate at the word when it is being preached but forget all about it soon afterwards are empty. They will cannot withstand on the evil days.

So what?

Go in through the narrow gate for narrow is the way that leads to life (vs 13).

The christian life inconveniences the natural man. It doesn’t want to do what the natural man enjoys because to be carnally minded is death (ROM 8). So we keep the spirit alive by tailoring our sizes towards the narrow way It is a way that does not permit any baggage from the flesh. Keep this in mind whenever you’re tilting towards the flesh. Keep looking out daily for any desire to go by the broad way (flesh) and squash it before it springs up. You are privileged to have found this way. Remain in it. It is the way to life.

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Nzewi Amilo Comfort

Lord, grant the enabling grace to be focused, being decisive on the sand i have taken in You. The baggages are not necessaryfor they wear one down. Thank You because they distract and pull down. Thank You Lord for your willingness to see me through so far i live in obedience to You.

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