Bless the lord

Bless the Lord (SU Daily Guide Review)

Thursday January 28, 2021
Text: Psalm 134:1-3
Them: Bless the Lord

David cried in Psalm 103:1 “bless the lord O my soul. All that is within me bless his holy name”. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to bless the lord. Blessing the lord simply means worshipping him, adoring, praising and thanking him for who he is and for the favours he bestows upon us. In this Psalm, the pilgrims have concluded their session of worship in the temple. As they rise up to go they call upon the priests and Levites who are constantly worshipping in the temple to bless the name of the lord always.

Bless the lord

We do not bless God as if we are greater than him and need to bestow anything on him. Rather we bless him by the way we worship and serve him. Our worship of God should not be an act of compulsion. It should be done with joy and happiness. When we come before him to worship or when we offer any service to him we shouldn’t stand like statues or behave as if we are being coerced, rather we must with joyful exuberance, offer heartfelt joyful praise and service worthy of the king.

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Paul admonished in 1 Timothy 2:8 that men should lift up holy hands everywhere to God in prayer. Lifting up hands in total obedience and surrender to God is an attitude of prayer we must not neglect. But those hands lifted must be holy. A prayer of a sinner is an abomination before God. Many have spent nights after nights in vigils, lifting up hands but because those hands are not worthy to bless the lord, the prayers remain unanswered. Let us therefore draw near his throne of grace after we have purged out the leaven of sin from us.

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