‘Live Like You Were Dying’: Awake the Dawn with Tim McGraw

Today, Jesus wants to remind us the need to live each day like its our last on earth. We hardly discuss about death and dying because it scares us. Most times death takes us unawares. Even those who are privileged to know that they will soon die, are caught up with a lot of regrets over things they could have done better or things they couldn’t achieve. To avoid this situation, our best bet is to live in the consciousness of the brevity of our time here on earth.


Time is a gift from God, we don’t know how much of it we have left. So, Ephesians 5:16 cautions us to redeem the time because the days are evil. How do we do this? Be conscious of the the ticking clock; be intentional about serving God; make a conscious deliberate effort to work the work of him who sent you while it is still day.


You must seize every opportunity to do good. Forgive wrongs, pray for the world around you, preach the good news about God’s kingdom and live peaceful life. Revere Christ in your heart always and do the work of an evangelist at every opportunity.

Always remember Mathew 9:37-38; “the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. Present yourself as a ready labourer and remain committed to praying more labourers in. Jesus lived for only 33 years and changed the course of history because he redeemed the time. What have you achieved for God’s kingdom at your age now? All what you struggle to acquire will eventually beĀ  received by another after you’re gone. Why not do one thing towards God today that will go with you into eternity?


Listen to Tim McGraw on this song: live like you were dying.

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