He will save his people from their sin

He will Save His People from their Sin (SU Devotional)

Text: Mathew 1:18-25

This is God’s wondrous plan of salvation coming to fulfilment. The long awaited morning is about to dawn and the people who lived in darkness will see a great light. Jesus is the eternal son promised to deliver the world from sin. He was set forth to save Israel his people from their sin.

The life of Joseph is an important example for us in this bible passage. Most of us are very good at talking and preaching but have very little patience when it comes to forbearing with one another. Here is a man whose betrothed is found in the family way, he didn’t raise alarm rather he was calm; though troubled and disappointed he didn’t rush to accuse Mary, rather he was worried about her reputation. What a heart of love and selflessness. We all need to emulate this virtue in our marital relationships.

He will save his people from their sin
Mary and baby Jesus jpg

Mary is another epitome of faith. Not only was she found worthy, she was also faithful to believe what God said. She saw herself pregnant in a weird way, yet she was calm. She trusted God who was working in her life. She did not rush to tell husband, mother or father. The story on in its own sounds so unnatural so many wouldn’t believe her. We can only imagine her confusion and worry over what becomes of her marriage? But because she trusted God, God solved the problem for her. The issue needed to be settled just between herself and her husband, no third parties. This is a lesson for couples. Self control over our tongue and emotions will solve many heartaches for us. We need to have few words for outsiders over the situation of our marriages.

Verse 21:

and she will bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus for he will save his people from their sin.

We needed to be saved from nothing else other than sin. If sin wasn’t grievous and destructive, God wouldn’t take such serious steps to eradicate it. For this reason Jesus was made manifest. All biblical narratives point to this one fact of Jesus coming to deliver his people from their sin. Have you benefitted from it yet? If your sins are not yet washed then today is an opportune time. The first plan you need to make for Christmas is to receive the salvation for which Jesus was sent. Repent of your sins today, accept the gospel and let the light of his presence illuminate your dark world.

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