God's long term plan su daily guide review

God’s Long Term Plan (SU Daily Guide Review)

Text:Mathew 1:1-17

God’s long term plan of salvation culminates in Christmas. This is a plan he puts in place before the world began. In 1 Peter 1:20 we read;

He was indeed ordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you

He is the seed promised in Genesis 3:15

 and I I’ll put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel”.

Again, in Genesis 12:3, Abraham gets the promise “in you shall all the world be blessed”. More so, in chapter 17, Isaac becomes the preferred heir to carry the seed forward. In Jacob the national Israel is born and in his children Israel becomes a sovereign nation. Afterwards, the line continues to what we are reading today.

God's long term plan su daily guide review

God is omniscient, naturally. knowing the end from the beginning. As a result, he begins the plan of salvation before creating the physical world. It  takes ages for the eternal plan to fulfill. From one Generations to the next, God’s word and his long term plan remains constant. It encompasses time, seasons and generations, yet, God achieves it just at the right time. This gives us a glimpse into God’s personality. He has the world’s timetable of events in his hands.  He executes it using whoever he wills. We are privileged, just like the patriarchs to be part of this story. Therefore, in our little ways and corners, we must bear witness to this re-creation story. For we are not just witnesses to the fulfilment of the promises but also beneficiaries.

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In addition, God’s long term plan of salvation is an outstanding and amazing display of his power. The Christmas story is all about Jesus. It is not about you, me, our children and families. It is a celebration of  God’s unimaginable love. God takes flesh and dwells among the man he created in order to redeem man from the curse of sin (John 1:14). This is the story we should place before our eyes as we celebrate Christmas.

Similarly, we must not allow ourselves to become part of the orgy and idolatry the world imposes upon this wonderful heritage. We must, intentionally, be the difference we wish to see. Let the light of God shine through you!

In conclusion, the genealogy of Jesus, portrays different characters; Jews, gentiles, prostitutes, heathens. Likewise, in Him, there is no east or west. All are called to partake in what God is doing. Anyone can receive the God- man; Jesus, and have eternal life through him. Let us be proud to share this message to all and sundry. Tell the world that God’s long term plan of salvation is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

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