God Never Fails: Awake the Dawn with Elevation Worship

God is God, he never fails. His word is Faithful, it never lies. God is not man that he should lie or a son of man that he should repent. Whatever he says will surely come to pass.

Joshua 21:45 is definite about God’s faithfulness. It says

Not a word failed of any good thing which the lord had spoken to the house of Israel. All came to pass.

Since last week, God has been waking us each day on this theme. There is a reason he wants to remind us again and again about his wonderful promises. It is not because he has forgotten, but we, sometimes, do forget. The year hasn’t been an easy one but God in his perfect wisdom cushioned all the effects for us. He kept us safe and gave us hope.

His steadfast love extends to the heavens, his faithfulness reaches to the clouds; his righteousness is like majestic mountains and his wisdom like a stream of rejoicing. (Psalms 36:4-5)

In Isaiah 55:11 He says “so also will be the words that I speak – it will not fail to do what I plan for it, it will do everything¬† I send it to do”

Sometimes, in the light of unpleasant situations, we feel that God has disappointed us. Especially, when we’ve been faithful in our covenant with him. Today, he assures us again that heaven and earth may pass away but none of his promises to us will fail. He uses certain difficult times of our lives to work out something glorious in our future both physical and spiritual. Therefore, be at rest. God can never fail you.

Let us Join Elevation worship as they lead us in this morning worship. On DO IT AGAIN God bless you!


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Nzewi Amilo Comfort

I bless the Lord for being and remaining faithful in keeping His promises even when some appear long in their fulfilment. I take heart in His word especially in Hebrews11 when some heroes of Faith died long before their fulfilment. Hence we live in expectant hope knowing if He fulfiled their promises then, He sure will fulfil ours which seem are taking long in coming to fruition. Yes lateness is not denial as He keeps working out His purposes in any situation. Taking my own country Nigeria as a case in point, we have prayed and agonized. He shall break… Read more »

Sandra Onuchukwu

Thank you lord for ur faithfulness.You never fail thank you so much Lord Jesus Christ for everything you have done for me.

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