Essential Guidelines for Ministers Leadership Retreat 2020


We, of the Living Seed Team (Peace House) feel highly honoured  to welcome you to MLR 2020 (Ministers Leadership Retreat 2020). We welcome  you on behalf of GOD our Father  and in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus  Christ. The theme for this Retreat is: 

Fill the Earth, replenish it … preach the Word

The  Retreat is scheduled to run from Wednesday evening 9th December to Saturday evening  12th December 2020 (CAT).

The plan of God is for you to go through MLR 2020 as your personal retreat with Him. Therefore: 

If you are not yet registered, please go to and do so now!  Registration is easy, free of charge and confidential. You shall thereby gain access to all the resources you need to participate fully in the Retreat and  to gain maximally from it.

God is using this online component of the Retreat to conceive, initiate and stimulate our progressive encounters with Him in this Retreat. However, the concrete life -changing experiences are taking place onsite.

Therefore, whatever be  the platform on which you are following the Retreat, please go to, locate the nearest onsite MLR Centre and endeavour  to join it. In your onsite centre you can hold group Bible Studies, join discussions for your deeper understanding and participate in prayers for divine interventions in your life. 

Organize your heart, your environment and your time to eliminate all likely distractions so  that you can concentrate fully on the Retreat and follow through all the sessions of every day. The high point of God’s visitation to your own life can come at any point in the Retreat. 

Attend every session of this Retreat with a version of the Holy Bible in the language you understand best. Keep a personal notebook to put down all that God will say to you personally in this Retreat. This will help  you not to forget to act on it and thereby obtain the blessing associated with every truth He may reveal to you. 

Maintain the mood of prayer throughout  the duration of the Retreat. God wants you to personally hear Him, beyond the voice and words of His human servants. So, keep your heart tuned to God.

In this MLR, God plans to reveal Himself to you and to gloriously transform your life and ministry. 

Therefore, quickly settle your  heart down in His Presence as we fervently seek Him together till He comes to rain righteousness upon our generation. 


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