Daily Nuggets of faith: Power in the Blood


In the Apocalypse, no one was found worthy to open the seven seals and the scroll until the Lamb that was slain; Jesus, appeared and did. He alone makes us a lineage of kings and priest to our God (Revelations 5:1-10). Jesus also wept over soon to be destroyed Jerusalem, because they could not grab the opportunity for peace he offered them (Luke 19:41-44)! Are you at a crossroad, confused, tired, pessimistic, embarrassed by life events? Is the future beginning to appear bleak to you for lack of solution to certain problems? Do you wet your pillows with seen and unseen tears? Does your life or position seem worthless due to ongoing challenges? Do you feel you have lost peace? Jesus remains the answer. By his blood, he broke the seal. and opened the scroll, he can give breakthrough to all challenges. By his blood he made peace between us and God (Col 1:20); he can give you your long sought for peace! May the power of the Blood of the Lamb flow into every aspect of your life and that of your loved ones, bringing the peace no other can give through Christ. Amen!

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