Daily Nuggets of Faith: Generous with His Mercy


By our sins and crimes, we were under God’s anger and are as good as dead. We made ourselves, enemies of God and strangers to his kingdom.  Yet God loves us so much and is willing to forgive our sins if only we are ready to confess, repent of them and make a sincere effort not to be ruled by sensual power. He said in Jeremiah 31:3; “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you. In Luke 15 He used the story of the prodigal son to show us how large his forgiving heart is and the extent of his love for us. He wants to have a relationship with us. His love compels him always to look out for our best. He has released his grace freely through Jesus for us to be saved. It is by grace that we have been saved through faith not by our own efforts, (Ephesians 2: 8 – 9).  We cannot achieve salvation or secure a really good life by our own personal efforts no matter how much we strive.  The rich fool who had a great harvest but could not realise his need for God lost his life. (Luke 12:13-21). So, while we strive for the good life, here on earth, let us remember the mercy and grace God is ready to lavish on us and earnestly pray that God’s good plan be fulfilled in our lives. By our human efforts, we will keep proving to be imperfect and insufficient. I implore you today still, dearly beloved, give your life to Christ. May God’s grace be sufficient for us through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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