Daily Guide Devotional: “For Fear that I have run in vain”

Text: Galatians 2:1-10

This passage emphasises hope that God is not an author of confusion. He called Peter and also called Paul. He gave each of them the right hand of fellowship but sent them into different fields: Peter to the Jews and Paul to the gentiles. Here we see them blending together, doing the master’s will without fear, prejudice or rancour.

What obtains in today’s Christianity is a far cry from the above. Ministries and missions seem to be motivated by the financial benefits and grants only. Most preachers clamour for placement in township churches already established with members. But here we see Paul accepting the mandate to seek out the gentiles with the gospel in ‘unchartered islands’. These are aliens; foreigners to the God of the Jews. They were going to be hearing for the first time about Jehovah God, Jesus and the holy spirit. It was a most daunting task. Yet, Paul was not deterred.


God wanted him to meet the other apostles so that there will be unity in their work. Not for endorsement or approval, for God had already approved Paul. Yet God didn’t want Paul to work in isolation. He wants his children to walk and work in joyful communion with each other, complementing each other and not as competitors. The lesson today is; we mustn’t see ourselves as better than others. We must in humility pursue oneness and unity. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t allow others change our calling to suit their own desires. As long as  our  mandate is in line with God’s word and approved by our fathers in the faith, we must follow it strictly while maintaining  fellowship with others to keep ourselves in check.

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