Daily Guide Devtional; For Freedom Christ Set us Free

Text: Galatians 5:1-12

This is the main theme of the book of Galatians; freedom in Christ Jesus as contrasts with bondage in the law. Freedom is what we have; Christ has set us free (verse 1). So, be free; remain free, do not allow yourself become a slave again.


The truth is, many of us are confused about this teaching. We are battling to understand what it is saying because it contradicts most of the teachings we have received in our various churches. Yet, this is exactly what the bible teaches and it is what God wants us to know.

Many  churches added a lot of ‘laws’ into the simple message of the gospel, thereby corrupting it. God’s eternal word, however, is written for all who wish to learn rightly from God himself. Most of our Christian principles and church doctrines are rooted in this ‘work and reward’ system. We were hardly taught what it really means to be saved by Grace.


Paul asked in verse 11,

 If I had continued to preach that circumcision is necessary, why then am I being persecuted?”.

When he came to realize the truth, he ran with it. He didn’t wait to confer with some ‘big wigs’ in the religious circle. Likewise, the message is coming to you today.

Where are you still living the law in your own Christian life? Paul says to you, “stand firm in this liberty in which you’re called”. All the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’  heaped on your head, as if that’s what makes you acceptable to God or what’st aking you to heaven, reject them today and live freely the way Christ wants you to. People make the mistake of living this sham of Christian life.


They get entangled with all kinds of rules, while neglecting teachings about real life in the spirit and living the God kind of life.. So what do we have in churches today; – believing unbelievers living the below life, everywhere. The life God wants from us is a life of faith made possible by the indwelling holy spirit, manifested in love for God and humanity.

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