Daily Guide Devotional: “White as Snow”


Text: Jeremiah 50:18-32

The lord is set to redeem Judah and cleanse her. She  is determined to make her blemish free. She is going to be so pure that her purity can only be likened to the whiteness of snow. The lord had allowed Israel to be ravaged and afflicted by the nations that they may learn their lessons and return to their rock of defense and one true God. 

As they return, God says in verse 20 

‘in those days and in that time, the iniquity of Israel shall be sought but there shall be none, and the sins of Judah, but they shall not be found: for I will pardon those whom I preserve’. 

This is a wonderful and heartwarming  promise. It also shows us that salvation is God’s initiative from start to finish. He says in  Ephesians 2:8-9, for it is,by God’s grace that you have been saved through faith and not of works lest  any man should boast. 

God is the one who takes the initiative to save us from our wretchedness. We must always remember that it is a huge favour he did us and not because we were so good. Our sins he has taken so far away that there is no trace of it anywhere in the entire universe. We are blessed among men, we whom Christ’ precious blood has washed to become whiter than snow. 

We must not trivialise this privilege and begin to go back to our old ways of life filled with dead works. We must stand fast in the profession of our faith by which we were saved. 

Babylon’s judgement on the other hand shows us another side of God. His justice demands that he will show mercy unto whom he will show mercy and he must punish iniquity thoroughly until the full price is paid. The lord calls to his instruments of justice in verse 21 to go up against the Babylon to ‘waste and utterly destroy’ and do according to all He has commanded.

Babylon’s destruction is God’s decree and no one can change it. Babylon has contended against the lord (vv24b) she has been proud (vv29b)  she has been most haughty and most proud (vv31&32). We must do well to mark these verses and these words. We must search our lives to see if such is existing in it. 

Are we contending with God in any way knowingly or unknowingly? Are we lifted up in pride and haughtiness? God abases the proud and lifts up the humble. He disrobed and disposed Satan because of pride. Any sacrifice of service or worship offered with pride has leaven in it. It is a stench in God’s nostril. When he will scatter, it will be all round. No one will be able to raise it up. It shall be completely devoured by fire (vv32). Let us beware and repent.

Watch this video for further help.

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