Daily Guide Devotional: They Praised God Because of Me

Text: Galatians 1:11 – 24

This is a wonderful testimony. It should be the pursuit of every believer that men should see our good works and the transformation in our lives and praise our father in heaven. Paul was formerly a persecutor of the church. This he did in ignorance and in his zeal to serve God through the traditions of men as outlined by the Jewish laws. He was so zealous that he hurled men and women into prison and went as far as tormenting them even killing them. It was on his way to Damascus that Jesus accosted him and divinely transformed his life. Thus, “the one who persecuted us is now one of us”.

This passage about Paul’s testimony reminds us that there is no soul too hardened that God cannot save. There is no situation too difficult for him to turn around. There is no disobedient errant child he cannot transform all we need to do is pray that the light of the gospel of Christ will shine upon their hearts and illuminate their souls. Terrorists and Islamic fanatics who believe in killing Christians to make heaven are in such error today. God is still touching even the most hardened of them and he will still touch more if we who are in the light already will earnestly pray for their souls.

Paul is not ashamed to share his story. His conversion was total. He never looked back. The same zeal with which he persecuted Christ he also put into dissemination of the message about Christ. If we have turned from dead works to righteousness, it must be evident in the way we live our lives. People who knew us before must see the difference in our lives and the good works it represents and praise our father in heaven. In as much as we do not project ourselves in our preaching, sharing our faith and deliverance story is a wholesome way of sharing the power of God that is evident in our lives. There is a place for it in our ministry and we must never neglect it.

Watch this 7 mins video and be blessed!

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