Daily Guide Devotional: The Lord has not Forsaken Israel

Text: Jeremiah 51:1-23

God has decreed destruction onto Babylon. By carefully repeating and meticulously analysing how thorough the destruction will  be; He shows the immutability of his decision to abase Babylon and make it go into oblivion. Babylon must be destroyed and that without remedy. Their very existence be forgotten and their name an abomination. We must note that God’s decree was carried out as outlined. Today, there is no trace of Babylon anywhere in history. And all this is as a result of their godlessness in having no regard for the temple of God (verse 11) Note verses 17-18, their gods are likened to useless sticks, dead wood, molten and graven images, frauds, tasteless jokes, stale smoke, works of error (the MSG). They are nothing like our God; Israel’s God. “The portion of Jacob is the former of all things, and Israel is the rod of his inheritance, God of Angel armies is his name” (Verse 19).

Verse 5 is a most reassuring promise “For Israel has not been forsaken, nor Judah of his God, of the lord of hosts; though their land is filled with sin against the holy one of Israel”. Sin is an abhorrence to God, yet, he will not trade his eternal love for anything. He hates sin but his mercy over Israel is everlasting. His love is bigger than our sin. No wonder he says;  “but you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people called to show forth your Redeemer’s praises” (1 Peter 2:9). Then in verse 6 he says “flee out of the midst of Babylon”! This is who  we are; beloved of God, but we must flee from out of the pollutions of the Babylonians around us.

Verses 20-23 is another eye opener. God has used Babylon mightily to destroy, pull down and overthrow. Yet, he has despised them and will make them a hissing and a desolation. God can use anything and anyone at any time. This does not mean we have earned his acceptance. We cannot reject God’s offer of salvation and redemption and expect to be accepted by him. No matter what good anyone can do or achieve for God. We needs must believe in him and come to him in the covenant relationship he has made possible through Jesus the seed. This is what Israel has which makes them apple of God’s eyes. This is what we have which makes us peculiar people. Anyone who wishes to be accepted by God must first come into a covenant relationship with God through the seed; “JESUS”, works and all not withstanding.

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