Daily Guide Devotional: Sin Has Consequence

Text: Jeremiah 52 :1 – 16

Zedekiah was only twenty one when he became king,  quiet young, yet his heart was already so entangled with sin that he continued living in evil and disobedience till his death. Several times in the book of Jeremiah, chapters 37 through 38, he sent for Jeremiah the prophet to know what God has to say. He listened but never obeyed. At the end, everything that was decreed happened to him. 

This is foolishness, we may say, but unfortunately many people are still living the reality of this folly today. Warnings are going out about the pending doom, disaster and judgement that awaits the world yet, many just listen and move on. Some even make jest of preachers and call them names. This is actually the result of man’s shortsightedness. God who knows the end from the beginning always warns us to stay clear of sin and evil! 

Sin is a mocker, a killer and a waster. Let us always remember this. It has nothing good to offer. Zedekiah rejected godly counsel of the prophet afterwards he paid dearly with his life. His sons were gruesomely murdered before his own eyes and his eyes plucked out, what a colossal waste of a generation. This is what he would have escaped if only he paid heed to the warnings duly given. 

Our lesson 

Sin has consequences. The wages of sin is death. Anyone who chooses to disobey God has chosen the route that leads to nothing but mockery, waste,  destruction and death. If you’re already in Jesus, hold on to him. Keep step with him daily through constant study of the scriptures, prayers and fellowship (and of course determined will to obey him in all things). If you’re yet to be born again, please wait no more. Judgement is imminent the signs are everywhere. The signals are sounding. Run to him now to avoid the bad example of Zedekiah. God bless you as you do. Wishing you a victorious and favour filled week. Amen!

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