Daily Guide Devotional: ‘Renew Your Love’

Text: Galatians 4:8-20

Paul calls on the Galatians to renew their love because they were fast abandoning the complete,  trust they had in the finished work of Christ and holding unto other things as a means of acceptance.

This portion of Galatians is a full package of the truth of the Gospel. Many “spiritual Christians” are guilty of this error. This is is the error of legalism; “work and reward” relationship with God. We have Christ but we also want a little something to spice it up to make us feel good. Legalism services the flesh by giving it room to glory in what it can do for God. Freedom in Christ does not gratify the flesh in any way.

Jesus was the end of the law for all who have come to understand what he has done. Does this mean we are free to live our lives breaking the law? No! It simply means that we are no longer lawless. It is freedom from the struggle with sin. It is freedom to live the God kind of life which we couldn’t live before. A self denying life filled with love for God and man.

Observances of particular law or principle as a means of gaining acceptance with God is legalism. We are children of God. We are not servants. We do not seek acceptance; we are already accepted because of what Jesus has done We only do what is expected of rightful heirs : maintain family name and inheritance at all costs. As such, we re zealous for God because that is our nature now. Not because we seek acceptance.

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Sandra Onuchukwu

Help me Lord Jesus to be zealous for u.

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